How GoDaddy Killed the Coupon Star

For years GoDaddy had been my go-to source for registering cheap domain names using their $0.99 coupon codes.

And I regularly visited NamePros whenever I had a new idea for a brandable domain name. After all that’s all that’s left in .com, that I could cheaply register, with the dream of one day developing something that the world would surely love. And make me rich.

Such was the case a few days ago when I had an idea. And after a quick domain name search, I discovered the domain had never been registered before. By anyone. You mean I’m the brilliant mind that knows a shining star when he dreams of one.

I was salivating. As I’ve always done when getting ready to score the next million dollar domain — for only a buck!

I quickly added the domain to my cart (just in case my searches were being monitored) and anxiously proceeded to the check-out screen going through the ungodly plethora of products being pushed like junk to a junkie.

Finally, I arrived at the window that allowed me to enter the newly discovered code that had been passed around the NamePros Godaddy coupon code thread like a cheap trick.

Only, it was no trick.

GoDaddy Coupon Code Error

GoDaddy Coupon Code ErrorWhat’s happening, I asked myself as the error message continually appeared with each attempt to complete the registration. I checked the code, and tried others, but much to my dismay the dreaded GoDaddy coupon code error kept me from achieving my dream.

I was stuck. What should I do? I’ve always been able to try my luck — for just a buck.

Hmm. Let me try the buck forty-nine codes. Sure, it’ll cost me a few cents more, but what the heck. As the saying goes…it takes money to make money, right?

Wrong. Those codes didn’t work either.

In fact, I was even willing to go up to the $1.99 codes. Reluctantly. But GoDaddy wasn’t having any of it.

And nothing could keep the dreaded “red banner” with the words

“Some of our best offers are limited to one per customer and it looks like you’ve already used one. We’ve updated your cart with the best offer, if one is available.” 

from hitting me in the face like…well like, the loser that I am.

Over the past few days this story has been covered by several of the domaining blogs, and I’ve been sitting on it while I lick my wounds of despair.

But perhaps Raymond Hackney said it best in his post “As Go Daddy Changes the rules on coupons, who are the winners and losers?”

“The new domainer (Winner and Loser) depends on how you look at it, it is a loss from a standpoint of needing a bigger budget to get started, it is a win if it saves a new domainer from themselves. .99 codes add up when you are talking 100’s of hand regs.”

Thanks Raymond. Perhaps I’m not a loser after all.

And thanks to you too, GoDaddy.


Twitter’s New Homepage Entices New Users With Embedded Tweets

Twitter's New Hompage
Twitter’s Newest Homepage

Twitter has a new homepage and it’s surprisingly not very different from the format popular  seen on other social media sites.

It was only in April that The Verge reported on Twitter’s then new homepage seen here, which was surprisingly very ugly and uninteresting, so the newest homepage is a step up from the last one.

Visitors can engage with the embedded Tweets right from the homepage and be able to follow the category by clicking the keywords and phrases above the streams.

Twitter's Homepage Launched in February
Twitter’s Homepage Launched in February

They had tried something similar to the version released today, back in February, where they showed streams of tweets from different categories but in a slightly different way then new users will find today. This was a much more interesting approach, and one that they obviously learned worked better too.

The old homepage was intended to engage new users by encouraging visitors to search by categories to find topics and profiles of interest to them. Besides being unattractive, it obviously didn’t work.

Twitter's Homepage Launched in April
Twitter’s Homepage Launched in April

Success comes from previous failures and whether or not this latest edition of Twitter’s homepage will be a keeper remains to be seen, but I like it better than the rest.

What do you think about Twitter’s new homepage?

Dot Tickets launches Founder Program for Partners

Dot tickets is in the Founder Program phase and has added several big brands to the list of partners having registered domains in the .tickets extension.

The registry behind .tickets is a UK company called Dot Tickets Organization or DTO, and part of the Accent Media Limited group.

According to the website, the .tickets team has “professional experience in entertainment ticketing and online service industries” with the purpose of ensuring “trusted websites” and “real tickets” for consumers.

They were 1 of 5 companies to apply to operate the space, and won the rights to be the only seller of .tickets in September of last year.

Currently, all registrations are being handled by the registry. There are no registrars selling .tickets.

Interested parties have to complete a “registration of interest” form to operate a domain in the space and can do so by simply adding one or two keywords of choice.

How Does .tickets make a difference?

“We will be carefully monitoring our domain space to ensure that all websites are operating fairly. We provide software and services that help .tickets websites optimise for performance and security. The public will know and recognise .tickets websites as the best place to buy real tickets, regardless of who is selling the ticket.”

A few of the newest founding partners include:,,,,, (who also secured, and

You can reach the registry at or where you can find out more about the new TLD including their policies for EAP and general availability.