Sale of Under Finlead AG Brand Management

Evil Genuises or EGUPDATE: I started writing this post when the sale was announced but didn’t get a chance to finish it before WHOIS was updated to show that the domain is under the brand management of Finlead AG and the registrant is Daniel Bruderer.

Using the email address and, I found several other domains owned and or managed by Finlead AG including, and the two letter domain

I’m pretty sure I was able to hit on the right lead and it’s safe to say that the domain will be the new home of Evil Geniuses which currently uses


Media Options has confirmed the sale of in a post on Domain Investing following a tweet by George Kirikos announcing a change in the status of the domain at the registry.

Andrew Rosener of Media Options didn’t reveal any other details of the transaction so the actual sales price may never be made public and we’ll have to wait to know who the buyer was.

I won’t try to guess the price but in his post Elliott Silver of mentioned the domain had a BIN price of $899,000 so I’ll leave it at that. But I will try to go between the lines and speculate on who the buyer might be.

I started with a simple Google search of the letters E and G and found the familiar use of the letters to mean “for example” which I will quickly rule out as having any connection with the possible use of the name.

Next I did what most of us will do when trying to follow the ‘short and sweet’ rule of domain investing so I looked for acronyms for EG and got a list of between 49 and 52 possible meanings from Acronym Finder and The Free Dictionary.

First on the list at is Egypt. But if you’re looking to market a country there’s nothing better than calling it by name. has Exempli Gratia — in Latin meaning “for example” as I stated above.

Both lists have several other definitions that I think could reveal who the buyer is or how the domain might be used including:

Electric Guitar – Nope

Expert Group – Possible

Extreme Games – Closer

Evil Geniuses – MOST LIKELY

I continued down the path of SERPs and on page 2 found the following:

EGInnovations – possible but not likely. – nope.


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  1. I started Energy General in 1975. I want a shorter email address (domain name). The company is called EG so that would be perfect. I don’t have any money to spend (I paid $100 for So I’m not a good prospect for you but if something low-cost comes to mind, let me know. Thanks

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