Adele Laurie Blue Adkins .tickets

adeleYou may already know or have figured out who the headline refers to. But in case you haven’t it’s none other than the British pop singer-songwriter known simply as Adele, who’s rise to the top of the charts with her No. 1 singles “Rolling in the Deep” and “Set Fire to the Rain,” and her bluesy sound reminiscent of the late great Etta James, makes her fan favorite and a guaranteed hit when .tickets go on sale for her concert tour.

Melted Stone Ltd. c/o September Management registered yesterday through sponsoring registrar Mark Monitor.

The is reporting that Adele plans to start a world tour sometime in 2016 after the release of her third album. She’s been away from the public eye for nearly two years and her website hasn’t been updated for awhile. and the Adele concert tickets and tour dates page on do not resolve at this time.

.Tickets in the hands of Global Brands

I had previously mentioned that was registered by Brandcasting Unlimited on behalf of Britney Spears who’s currently appearing in Vegas on her “Britney: Piece of Me” tour through October 17. says it’s “one of the Vegas strip’s hottest shows.”

According to, .tickets “will go on general release to the global ticketing industry on September 14 and will deploy a rights protection mechanism powered by Domains Watch. Domains Watch helps rights-holders ensure that their rights are protected and that any new domain registrations end up in the possession of those who hold the legitimate rights to that name.” sold by WebQuest for $10K

world-logoAnother day another new TLD sale to report. Inc. announces the sale of for $10,000. was registered on January 11, 2015 by Chad Wright, CEO of and one of the founders of the new gTLD forum for investors,

Wright has been an active participant in the EAP of many of the newly released strings and has secured some of the best keywords in extensions.

Whois records show the new registrant of as Matthew Laessig of Austin, Texas, with records showing other names currently parked by Matthew including and

At the price of $10,000, seems to be his most adventurous domain name acquisition to date.

According to Chad, the sale was made possible when the buyer contacted him directly through the banner that appeared on the parked page. just changed hands and doesn’t resolve yet but I’ll keep an eye on it and report back as I know more.

.Online Enters General Availability with High Expectations

Dot OnlineYesterday, .online added 115 names to the zone file and begins general availability today with 1699 names.

The most recognizable of the names registered yesterday by the appropriate end-user was and by Thomson Reuters Global Resources. Other than that I couldn’t find one name that was worthy of being registered prior to today’s general availability pricing.

In my post “Weekend Roundup Of .Online Domains” I wrote about names like and being registered during EAP and why they make sense as investments.

Also on Monday, asked the question “.Website or .Online?” after Radix, the registry for both the .website and .online new TLDs, announced that .website had passed the 100,000 registrations mark, and asked voters which string would have more domains registered after the first year.

radix-pollHere’s a quick shot of the results as of today.

As you can see the poll indicates that an overwhelming number of voters say that .online will have more names in the zone file after year 1.

What I always find most interesting and helpful about any article I read no matter whether it’s domain related or other is the comments made by readers about the topic.

For example, the comments left on the post reflect the current results of the poll but one argues that .online is “outdated” while another claims .online to have more “SEOjuice.”

Radix uses, which may just be a matter of timing more than choice over .online as .website was released last year. But they also have the similar string .site which currently has 21634 registered names.

Radix had previously suggested that the number of .online domain registrations would be upwards of 15,000 on day 1 of GA with some reports quoting as many as 25,000 as the target. I’ll report back tomorrow after the count is in.

So now I’ll ask you, which of these generic Radix strings do you think are more worthy of your time and money. And do you expect them to beat the number of .club registrations on day 1?

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment. Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.