Cybertonic actively promoting some of their best domains on

ADOIn case you’re not familiar with Cybertonic, their website says “Cybertonic runs,,,,, and” so it’s one of the many companies operated by Francois Carrillo, the publisher of

I’ve been domaining since 2008 and has been a part of my daily routine ever since finding it, along with that year.

A few days ago I started noticing ads for some very good .com domains.

Cybertonic Domain Names For Sale

After a quick check of WHOIS I learned that Cybertonic was actively promoting, among others, the domains,,, and — which I saw today for the first time.

I had been planning this article for a few days but it was that ultimately led me to finish writing and push the “Publish” button.

It’s not that I think is worth more than the others, it may or may not be, but for some reason I like the way it sounds when I hear and say it, and think it’s going to make a great brand someday.

100’s of New TLDs Offer Plenty of Options

Since launching I’ve become more involved on other blogs and more aware of what’s happening in the industry. And I can tell you that while Cybertonic’s domains may have always been for sale, I’ve never seen them being marketed on

And I wonder just how much the presence of 100’s of new TLDs are driving high valued .com domains into the spotlight so as not to be somehow forgotten about as more options become available in other extensions.

Below is a list of some other names owned by Cybertonic that are either appearing or may start appearing on including — a pretty good .xyz domain which forwards to another of Cybertonic’s properties, isn’t listed for sale on Cax but I bet you could get it if you wanted it.

Which Domain Is Worth The Most

Have a look at the list below. See the Poll in the sidebar and share which domain you think is worth the most.


A Few New TLDs:,, & more Domains

For the past few months my A Few New series has covered new TLDs being registered by major companies. In most cases they seem to be defensive registrations with the new TLD domain names being forwarded to the existing and well-established brands using their matching .com domain.

.Sucks, the free domain appraisal tool that many domainers use to get an estimate of the value of a domain name, has registered

Domain valuation tools like Estibot and provide a service to the domain investing community but there always seems to be more pros than cons when it comes to using a free appraisal (or any appraisal for that matter) to help buy or sell a domain.

That’s probably why Estibot thought it best to keep their brand from the hands of any disgruntled investors willing to proclaim that to the world. Domain NameIncidentally, if you’re one of the first 10,000 subscribers you can register .sucks domains for $0.99 per month at says you “get a hosted blog and forum website at a .sucks domain name”


Twitter, Inc. registered and

Neither domain resolves but I can see a use of the .tickets space by Twitter for allowing members to sell tickets through their accounts.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines registered Their main site is and they use in the Google Ad Words campaigns promoting “high quality flights for low fares”and redirect both the new TLD and the tracking url to the .com.

On September 21 .Tickets was released to the public at $600 per year which includes a $75 application fee, and carry an annual renewal fee of $525 thereafter for up to 10 years. However, I don’t see much upside for investors unless you can convince the registry that you have a good reason and use for,, or


Agilent Technologies, Inc. in Santa Clara, California registered The new TLD doesn’t resolve yet but their homepage at says they are involved in chemical analysis, life sciences and diagnostics.

There’s a press release on the site announcing the opening of a new life science research center. The press release states “Agilent tools make it easier for scientists to combine, analyze and visualize data from experiments in genomics, proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics and lipidomics.”

I’m always glad to see companies registering new .science domains because I have almost 500 of what I consider some of the best generic and descriptive terms in the space.

I recently sold to MRC Technology in the U.K., which is also involved in medical and drug research science.


Lions Gate Entertainment, Inc. continues to add the matching domain name to their new or soon to be released movies with the registration of

According to the 2015 version of Extraction by Director Steven Miller and starring Bruce Willis may now be expected out sometime in 2016.

Check out other Lions Gate Entertainment .movie registrations in previous A Few New TLD series posts.

Domaining the Domainer: Mike Berkins

If there’s one domainer you should be following in the new TLD space, it’s Mike Berkins of

I say that for two reasons.

For one, his made a lot of money buying and selling .com names. And two, because of his willingness to take a shot with his money in the new extensions.

By ‘take a shot’ I mean he, like the rest of us, has no way of knowing what the future value of his investment might be, simply because there’s no aftermarket for new TLDs.

Which leads me to why I’ve decided to make Mike the subject of this Domaining the Domainer post.

This morning Mike shared on his blog that he got his renewal bill from Hexonet for domains he registered last year in some of the Minds + Machines controlled spaces.

You can read the post here. There’s a list of 20 names along with the renewal price for each. And it Mike’s words “the prices are…nothing less than staggering.”

To his credit, and that of Hexonet, he mentions there was a mix up in the original registration price he paid for the names on the list. And that Hexonet ate the difference between what price Mike paid and what price Minds + Machines expected for the names from the registrar.

Well, now it’s come to time to pay the piper if he wants to keep the names.

As a domain speculator, I’m sure I can speak for most of you reading this that buying the names is the easy part but selling them and more importantly holding them until they ‘mature’ is the hard part because annual renewal costs come around pretty quick.

Pure .com investors holding liquid domains should be able to pay the renewal bill each year but new TLD investors, who are probably all in by now, could possibly be facing a whopping renewal bill like the one Mike got.

I’ll go out on a limb and say Mike can pay the $16,755 renewal bill he got for the 20 names he registered, but for most who missed the .com boat, myself included, those names would be dropping like flies.

Then again, I took another look at the list and realized that even seasoned domainers make bad bets when it comes to domaining.