Domaining the Domainer: Rick Schwartz

The Domain King
Photography by: ©Michael B. Lloyd

I’ve oftentimes mentioned how I came to get “hooked” on domaining after reading about the sale of to CNN by the self-proclaimed Domain King, Rick Schwartz. That was back in 2008 when “the king” was still sharing his thoughts on And a time when most people were telling me the domain investing ship had sailed. But I was hooked from the get-go when I learned that someone was willing to pay $750K for a domain name.

If you scroll down past the articles, you can see a list of some of the domain names sold by the Domain King as reported on

Schwartz, who has twice retired from blogging and hasn’t recorded anything on his blog since June 17th, 2014, had recently shared with the pending sale of one of his prized domains. And as the domain investment community eagerly awaited the revelation of the name, many had speculated which of the then 12 domains that were for sale on — the sales landing page for the Domain King’s lot of highly valuable’s — would be the sale that would take the number two spot on this year’s list of highest selling domains to date.

Rick Schwartz sells for $801,000

Today, the sale of for $801,000.00 became official with a follow-up post on In the post, Schwartz is quoted as saying “he would have sold the domain many weeks ago but “I am such a prick. I held out for $801,000 for weeks and weeks so that I could be number two. LOL”

Those of us who know the king — albeit in name only — know that he has a reputation for being outspoken and provocative labeling of “pigeon shit” domains, and his proverbial forecasts on the future, or lack thereof, of the new TLDs — it comes as no surprise that he would hold out for an extra $1,000 to make his point.

Well, as reported, Rick will have to settle for third place on the list of top sales of 2015 because the sale of for $1,000,000 by Media Options has happened since the sale of

Sorry Rick, but I hope it’s some consolation that your sale of for $8,888,888 is enough to let you sleep at night knowing that you only have the highest sale recorded to date for 2015 neatly tucked away in the annals of domaining history. Congrats.

And thanks for keeping the flame alive for all of us who dream of dethroning The King — some day.

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