Domain Name Sales Completes Maintenance

dns-logoFor the past couple of days Domain Name Sales had been undergoing “some much needed maintenance” and users were notified that the site would be down through Sunday, November 21 at midnight EST but I’m happy to report that the site is now live at 12:19 p.m. PST.

According to the email notice sent to customers on Friday DomainNameSales the maintenance involved changes that would integrate Uniregistry, the domain name registrar and registry service, with DomainNameSales “to make for an awesome new integrated experience called Uniregistry Market.”

One of the first things I noticed when downloading my account reports was the addition of a column showing the number of inquiries each of my domains have received over the past two days while the site was down.

Other than that I haven’t noticed anything new or different. Have you?

Uniregistry: .BlackFriday Adds 386 Domains a week before the holiday

A week before the 2015 Black Friday, buyers go on a shopping spree

black-fridayUniregistry, the registry behind the .blackfriday extension, added 386 domains to their .blackfriday zone files bringing the total of all names in the Black Friday space to just over 12,000.

Considering that .blackfriday, along with .christmas, fall into the “seasonal” category, the numbers, while small in comparison to many of the other new domain extensions, isn’t surprising.

But what is surprising, at least to me, is how many were added only a week before the holiday.

Many of the names were registered at to an organization that goes by the name of Smart Tax Professional Services, a CPA firm with a Michigan address, who paid to own the rights to market the Black Friday holiday for most of the decade of the 20’s securing 2021 thru 2030, minus the year 2025.

At the registration price of nearly $45 per domain, these Smart Tax Professionals appear to be ready, willing and able to carry the load for a long time.

Get .BlackFriday at Uniregistry starting at $21.88

Click here to see the complete list of .blackfriday names registered yesterday.

.Christmas Domains

Similarly, Smart Tax Professionals also registered the decade of the 20’s in the new domain extension .christmas, but unlike with .blackfriday they were fortunate enough, depending on how you look at it, to secure all the years including paying as much as $20.99 for each domain at

Christmas domains can be purchased at Uniregistry and are on sale now for as little as $6.88 and I would suggest that if you are interested in buying .christmas as gifts or otherwise, you should take advantage of the sale while supplies last because I’m guessing we’ll see the sale end as we get closer to December 25.

Click here to see the list of .christmas names registered yesterday.

Get .Christmas at Uniregistry starting at $6.88

New Domain Extensions Forum GTLD.Link Goes Dark

gtld-linkFor the past few days I’ve tried to access the relatively new domain extensions forum without any luck.

“The Link” as I have been known to call the forum on several occasions has been a go to source for talking up (and down) the plethora of new domain extensions that have become part of the domain name landscape over the past two years.

I reached out to Phil Harris one of the admins that runs the site for a comment and was told the server that hosts had been hacked but that a fix was in the works and the site would be back online soon.

Both Phil and Chad Wright are partners in and are heavily invested in new domain extensions and occasionally share their new domain acquisitions and sales with the members of the forum.

Running a forum is a lot of work, and it takes time to develop a list of members who are not only active in the new domain extensions market but who also actively participate in the topics of discussion.

I’m not sure what the total number of members is but of those who actively participate they are passionate about the new extensions and are willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Here’s to hoping that this is just a temporary downtime at “The Link” and that we can all get back to talking about the new domain extensions there as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, there are still plenty of other good places to talk domains including the very popular and