New gTLD .Bet Registrations Approach 20K

New gTLD .Bet DomainsThe new gTLD .bet added nearly 20k names to the zone file since entering general availability last week. reported that 13k names were added on the first day of GA. 6k names were added on Friday and another 1800 on Saturday.

A high percentage of the registrations were 4N, 5N and 6N domains as the Chinese continue to invest heavily in numeric new gTLDs across the board with one Namepros member already reporting to have sold 4C .bet domains in repeating patterns like AABB, etc.

It’s hard to argue with success but even harder to hold onto random strings of numbers in any extension so it’s wise to consider the types of names that TheDomains chose in the .bet extension and realize that they didn’t sell $35 million worth of domains to GoDaddy that didn’t have clear meaning and value as brands to end-users.

Here are the domains we registered:

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