“So you want to be in the Domain Game?”

Domain Investing TipsIt’s Sunday afternoon and I’ve been pouring over the many “draft” posts that I started to write but never finished.

I have 61 drafts, some with one or two paragraphs and others with only one or two sentences. Buried inside one was this link to a 2010 post by Rick Schwartz that I thought I’d share, and it just so happens that the phrase “domaining today” is part of the title.

“Rick’s 36 Tip Checklist to Help you Start Successfully Domaining TODAY!!”

I went through the list and picked out ones that point to a statement he makes at the end of the post. The underlying message is that if you can’t see yourself building a business on it than how in the world would you expect someone else to see value in it.

“My test for a truly valuable domains is if it stands alone can I build a business around it if all I ever did was focus on that one domain from now on.”

I left these numbered as they appear in Rick’s list.

1. You are planting a SEED not buying a domain name.

2. You are staking a claim not buying a domain name.

7. Your mindset has to change from the immediate gratification to that of investor…

29. Be creative

30. Don’t buy and try to sell 10 minutes later

31. Activate the domain and monitor for traffic.

33. Just put it in inventory and assuming it was a value, pat yourself on the back for a good grab! It’s a fish!

“My two tips”

1. Not everything you think, hear or read about does a domain name make.

2. Remember tip number one.

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