Short .WS domains getting plenty of attention at NameJet

ws-domainsShort .WS domains may not be for everyone but they’ve been getting plenty of attention (good and bad) ever since DomainShane wrote about his investment in the once forgotten extension. And even more rublicity when Braden Pollock wrote this guest post on and got blasted in the comments section being accused of trying to “pump and dump” his six figure investment in .WS domains. And BTW, publisher Elliot Silver was quick to comment that he “passed on the opportunity to buy .WS domains.”

We’re going to cover the commotion because we made a small investment in .WS domains because, well, simply because we like to bet.

Here’s what we have in .WS domains:

Now I know you’re thinking that we’ve got it all wrong when it comes to CHIPS because our five names consist of the dreaded 4 and 0 (especially at the end…and two to boot) but we just can’t wrap our heads around the idea when the most successful domain auction platform in China uses a 4 as the only number in their URL. We’ll see.

Short WS Domains in PreRelease and Public Auctions Going On Now at NameJet

There’s a mixture of 2 and 3 letter and number available .ws domains being auctioned at NameJet most of which are still in “PreRelease” with the two letters “mb” currently having the high bid of $566 with a little more than two days before it goes “public” and the three numbers “555” having the high bid of $502 with 6 days remaining.

The two domains that have already made it through the “PreRelease” phase and are now in “Public Auction” are the two letter “cs” at $831, and three number “996” at $465 each with two days remaining. Incidentally, there are approximately 60 bidders vying to grab these ‘hot commodities’ which are currently owned, parked, and being auctioned by the .WS registry.

You can also follow the opinions of the many who have one on the “The OFFICIAL Discussion, Showcase and Sales Report Thread” being weaved at Namepros.

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