CT .WS approaching 4 figures at NameJet

The two letter domain CT.WS is nearing $1K in the public auction going on now at NameJet with seven hours to go.

We’ve been following the action and there’s currently six names that have entered the public auction phase with several more getting plenty of attention in pre-release.

Toilet Paper ain’t worth much but CT is

There are also several keywords and “brandables” that have gone to NameJet on their way to being deleted including “toilet paper” but that and others like morales and winchell are getting no interest by investors.

At $502 with more than four days remaining in pre-release, 555.ws continues to be the most sought after of the 3N’s because of the repeating pattern of numbers. And 7799.ws, the lone 4N in the lot, has a high bid of $81 from one of the 14 bidders with 2 days remaining before it goes public.

And one other name to watch is KylieJenner which is pending renewal or deletion but no one seems to be watching because there’s zero interest in it. Oh well, you know what they say about lipstick on a pig.

We’ll keep you posted.

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