Sedo shifts policy on price cap

In response to an increase in value for three letter .com domain names, Sedo has lifted the limit from $10,000 to $50,000 for domain investors wanting to list their domain names with a higher set price.

In the past, if you wanted to set a price for your domain greater than $10,000, you had to request an appraisal or be granted an exception to the rule.

Well, that’s all changed. And buyers and sellers should be glad as it removes one of the barriers that made listing domains for sale on Sedo too cumbersome for many.

I’m not a fan of selective acceptance by domain markets based on the quality of the domain despite realizing that many more domains are worth less than what most dream of selling a name for.

The current market for three letter .com domains falls within the $10,000 to $50,000 “buy now” range as investors continue to pour money into short .com names. Auction in Play at Sedo

Dot Triple OIn the help a friend out category comes this post announcing the auction at for the domain going on now.

The current bid is $500 US and the domain has met reserve with a little more than 2 days before the hammer comes down on this hack of a name.

Online gaming is big, and according to the domain offer description, “the ‘ooo’ is a popular winner in cash machines.”

Infibeam Inc., an “internet platform company” based in India, is the driving force behind Dot-Triple-O and has recorded almost 10,000 registrations in the zone file with a goal of “redefining online for any and every business across the world.”

Why go with the “O”

  • SEO friendly – Search engines no that the “o” is not a zero!
  • Global friendly – The “o” knows no boundaries
  • Keypad friendly – It’s easy to triple-type the “o” when you’re on the go

If you’re into gaming and know a winner when you see one, get in on the action for this domain and discover what we already know.

Raise your game to the power of the O and go home a winner with on auction now at

If you have a domain that’s going to auction and you want to tell a story to help sell it, send me an email to