New gTLD .Bet Registrations Approach 20K

New gTLD .Bet DomainsThe new gTLD .bet added nearly 20k names to the zone file since entering general availability last week. reported that 13k names were added on the first day of GA. 6k names were added on Friday and another 1800 on Saturday.

A high percentage of the registrations were 4N, 5N and 6N domains as the Chinese continue to invest heavily in numeric new gTLDs across the board with one Namepros member already reporting to have sold 4C .bet domains in repeating patterns like AABB, etc.

It’s hard to argue with success but even harder to hold onto random strings of numbers in any extension so it’s wise to consider the types of names that TheDomains chose in the .bet extension and realize that they didn’t sell $35 million worth of domains to GoDaddy that didn’t have clear meaning and value as brands to end-users.

Here are the domains we registered:

Download tops Spamhaus list of “10 Worst Top Level Domains”, which covers spam and other malicious cyber threats, published the following list of the “10 Worst Top Level Domains” in this “one month snapshot” on its website.

  1. .download 75.9% bad domains
  2. .review 74.4% bad domains
  3. .diet 73.9% bad domains
  4. .click 72.5% bad domains
  5. .work 64.7% bad domains
  6. .tokyo 50.3% bad domains
  7. .racing 50.1% bad domains
  8. .science 50.0% bad domains
  9. .party 45.5% bad domains
  10. .faith 44.4% bad domains

Famous Four Media's .Download DomainsAs of yesterday Famous Four Media’s .download extension, with a total of 44,101 names in the zone, ranks 56th on the list of 907 zones being tracked by

.Review ranks 36th and has a little over 68,000 names, .diet has 18,000 at 103, and .click is 21st with almost 200,000 .

.Science holds steady at around 14th on the list and has roughly 340,000 domains most of which were given away free when the extension first launched early last year. We registered just over 500 free .science domains and was fortunate enough to sell which is listed in the database on Sold.Domains.

I’m not surprised that .Science is in the top 10 worst domains simply because of the sheer volume of domains registered but I am surprised that because it does have the highest number of names registered in the list it doesn’t rank higher. And it actually pains me to have to let keywords and terms that I consider to be perfectly suited to be left of the dot in this extension drop because there is simply no interest by the scientific community although that could change with the inception of the Google Life Sciences division, Verily.

We still have several hundred very good science terms and phrases. Let me know if you want to see a list of .science names we own.

As for the other TLD’s on the list, we have a few .party including orchestra, symphony and pantry, a few .work including documents, courtroom and others. And a few 3L .click domains including,,,, and others.

Domain Name Sales Completes Maintenance

dns-logoFor the past couple of days Domain Name Sales had been undergoing “some much needed maintenance” and users were notified that the site would be down through Sunday, November 21 at midnight EST but I’m happy to report that the site is now live at 12:19 p.m. PST.

According to the email notice sent to customers on Friday DomainNameSales the maintenance involved changes that would integrate Uniregistry, the domain name registrar and registry service, with DomainNameSales “to make for an awesome new integrated experience called Uniregistry Market.”

One of the first things I noticed when downloading my account reports was the addition of a column showing the number of inquiries each of my domains have received over the past two days while the site was down.

Other than that I haven’t noticed anything new or different. Have you?